Podcast episode #61 features one of the industry’s good guys, Shish Patel. Talented, funny, charming, thoughtful and extremely humble, it was a great hour with Shish, who regaled us with brilliant stories behind brilliant billboards.

The baby in the marmite poster is a cracker. A story that involved another DDB creative Pete Hayes and a photo of his child never intended for a Marmite billboard, but ended up being the actual shot in the ad.

There’s also the Comfort poster that appeared outside Shish’s parents shop which helped them finally understand what it was that he did for a living.

There’s more Marmite involving The Love Party and The Hate Party. Iconic work for FT. And the ‘Night drive’ campaign for VW where we discussed the entire campaign – TV print billboards – which was a seminal moment in the VW oeuvre.

Shish thanks so much for coming on and talking art and commerce in equal measure. And sampling Hugh’s madierra cake.

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