Podcast #60 is part 1 of our Specsavers Special, featuring the brilliant outdoor campaign from creative team Jon Morgan & Bertie Rapkin.

We explore the background to the work, how the craft played a huge part in making these such a success (kudos to GSA and Lee Bofkin from episode #59) and we hear about the (equally brilliant) executions that never made it. The busker covered in billboard paper a true delight. Please get it to run!

There’s also a very funny story involving Leeds Art University and one of the posters going up opposite the college shortly after a Specsavers brief.

Jon & Bertie thanks so much. It was a real pleasure hearing how you work. As were the pints after. Maybe that’s a new feature for the show 🤓

Look out for part 2 later in the year when we will be talking to Graham Daldry – the man behind the original line ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’, and current Specsavers ECD Richard James, who is doing an amazing job continuing the legacy.

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