Rarely have we had such a talented, humble and unanimously respected guest as Peter Souter. Our teaser earlier this week had an amazing response with many waxing lyrical about his creative talent and what a great person he is. So we’re hoping this episode lives up to the hype.

We talked about any and everything. And managed to fit in some OOH along the way 🤓 The story behind the shredded ‘Industrial secrets’ poster he wrote with Paul Brazier is a belter, esp when you hear the final execution didn’t actually involve a shredder.

Peter’s first ever poster is another great tale – a piece of cardboard with a hand written message he held hopefully outside the house of the great David Abbott in an effort to get a job at AMV. We won’t say anymore but it’s a pretty audacious way to apply for a job.

We also chatted Guinness – both the Extra Cold posters and Surfer – and Peter recreated the moment of Surfer inception with a scarily accurate impression of Walter Campbell, quietly offering the thought ‘Good things come to those who wait’.

Nelson Mandela, Richard Curtis, Paul Belford and a gold fish bowl, The Vicar of Dibley, screenplays, films, advice for Hugh’s debut novel…it was a tour de force.

Thank you so much again Peter.
Total pleasure.

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