Billboards have incredible power. Of all the media platforms, they have the ability to cut through culture and change a brand’s fortunes in seconds. So what is the secret to using the most powerful tool in the media landscape? What makes a world-class billboard’? What wins awards? What gets on the news? What trends on social? What does it take to bring incredible OOH campaigns come to life? What are the stories behind these brilliant billboards? The ‘do’s’. the ‘don’ts’, the ‘oh-so-nearlys’ and the ‘WTFs’. Who are the people, who are the brands and what are their stories. Our series aims to find out.

Each episode hangs from a core awesome billboard campaign. But we’re not gonna spend 45 mins each episode talking about the kerning of the typography or the white balance of the photography. We hear from the creatives, the photographers, the account guys, the clients, strategists and media owners. It’s about what went wrong as much as what went right. We want know more about the people. How they got to work on the account, at the agency or the brief. Where they see the world moving creatively, what inspires or motivates them to be more awesome…

Dan Dawson

Chief Creative Officer

Dan has dedicated his professional life to delivering best-in-class creative digital work to OOH advertising markets around the world. One of the original founders of Grand Visual, he has created some of the most innovative OOH ads over the past two decades, winning Pencils, Lions and gongs all over the world… all of which led him to being invited on to the Outdoor Lions jury in 2019. He has an impeccable delivery on mic and is seen as the safe pair of hands, with some saying he is literally ‘the voice (over) of the industry.’

Hugh Todd

Super Senior Creative Director

Hugh has worked at some of the world’s leading ad agencies. At BBH he created ‘Vote Gail’ for FHM, ‘the greatest stunt of the 20th century’ according to the BBC. At JWT for Baileys ‘Listen to your lips’ – an iconic poster campaign shot with Rankin. He also won a D&AD pencil for the Golden Wonder Golden Skins poster campaign, a second pencil for Amnesty ‘Departure Board’ and has sat on awards juries over the years gaining a deep knowledge of the Outdoor world. He is currently working on  ‘WE ARE THE NHS LIVE” a live streamed ooh campaign direct from NHS hospitals. He tends to get over excited on mic, but is good value for banter. And swears quite a lot..