Murals special with Lee Bofkin

If you’ve seen an amazing mural lately, there’s a pretty good chance Lee Bofkin was involved. Lee is Co Founder and CEO at Global Street Art who are the go-to agency for creating big messages on big walls.

Peaky Blinders, Valentino, Oatly,
Invesco, Beats, FIFA, VW, Baileys, Glenfiddich and many others have had their moment on bricks and mortar thanks to Lee and his crew at GSA.

We spoke with Lee about murals. Their history. Their resurgence. The way they’re now interacting with the digital landscape. Why they’re different from any other piece of OOH. And much more, including a fascinating chat about ‘pouncing’, a technique used by Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel and still in use today. We enjoyed Lee’s infectious energy and incredible knowledge of the Street Art scene. And also his wonderful orange glasses. Thanks so much for coming on Lee. It was an education and a pleasure.

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