For episode #54 we spoke to Emma Brooke, Writer and Creative Director at Leo Burnett and originator of some of the very best OOH work in recent years for the BBC.

We started with her campaign for Peaky Blinders which featured fan art from devotees of the show. This big bucket of UGC resulted in over a dozen brilliant pieces of outdoor that stood out from your everyday air brushed advertising image thanks to their gritty hand crafted style. Whether it was Tommy, Polly or Arthur – the image always appeared fresh and unique.

The final selects ran on poster sites local to where the artist lived. So not only did they have their moment of fame, but they could go down – with their Mum if need be – and see their art writ large in the great outdoors. What’s more all the work was then exhibited in an online fan art gallery. 

This was followed by a brilliant set of billboards for Killing Eve, which didn’t mention the show, or the BBC or any details other than a series of personal messages and a hashtag #CRAZY4EVE

Super brave work that caught the tone of the show exactly right. A private squabble played out across the most public platform.

We also discussed Emma’s life before BBC, her other agencies, life in NYC and most fascinating of all, how she met the love of her life on a plane. 

Thanks Emma for coming on and being so open and charming with your stories. Esp that grinding billboard 😉

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