Episode #53 of the podcast features the super talented ever ebullient Dave Masterman.

It was a great session that encompassed Dave’s incredible collection of OOH work both as creative and CD.

Many highlights: VW, Marmite, Kit Kat, Mr Kipling and esp Ben & Jerry’s – the homemade look ‘n feel still fresh today.

More up to date work included the audio mnemonic led Domin-oh-hoo-hoo campaign which works surprisingly well on murals and special builds.

We finished on ‘I Spy Maynard’s’ (Wine Gums) which is possibly the ultimate in outdoor campaigns and why we do the podcast. So good hearing the story behind this campaign that ended up subverting the Euros and Number 10 Downing Street among other events of last year.

Thanks Dave for not only being a fun and charming guest, but for your incredibly thorough preparation for this episode. We have never had a more organised session!

See you (and James McAvoy) in Waitrose in December 🤓

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