Episode #55 has a bit of everything.

Mostly it has the charming, humble and uber talented Jo Moore, ECD at House 337, discussing her OOH work.

In particular we chatted about the domestic violence campaign for Women’s Aid that ran during last year’s World Cup.

“He’s coming home” was a chilling reminder of the domestic abuse suffered by women during major tournaments. The poster (and film which is equally brilliant) gained huge publicity and awareness on virtually no budget.

It led us to a wider debate on how small but important clients like Women’s Aid can get their message across with great creative work.

This in turn led us to discuss the spoof fashion campaign ‘Not model’s own’ for the same client, highlighting the issue of Coercive Control, executed with tact and skill – gaining column inches galore and huge awareness.

Next was something completely different: Ant & Dec. And Kraftwerk.
Surreal, hilarious, with a lot of red.

And then we heard how Jo met Anthony Burrell and got him designing the wonderfully graphic campaign for The Corinthia Hotel.

Amidst all this, after about 10 minutes, Dan had to leave the room for a phone call. Jo and Hugh carried on chatting…and chatting…and chatting…Dan never returned until the final credits.

We thought he was on an important business call, but it was more important than that – it was a family emergency, which thankfully was resolved.

Quite a morning. Quite the episode!

Thank you Jo for coming in and taking us behind your billboards. As well as inside your VW van and outdoor swimming. A woman of many parts who barely batted an eyelid as half the Behind the Billboard team left the building 😉

And well done Dan for keeping a cool head in a difficult moment. All in a day’s work for my mate Dan.

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