Part 2 of our conversation with Tuts took us to the very heart the world’s most famous fast food brand. We spoke at length about McDonald’s and Tuts incredible time at the helm of the account, first in London, then Chicago, then around the world.

There was so much work it would’ve been impossible to cover it all. But we’re pretty sure we got the best bits:

Golf, Mouse-holes, Hot dog, 20p, Fresh Salads, Milkshake and our absolute favourite, Sundial (featured on Episode 5 with creative team Vince Cook & Gary Fox-Robinson).

And as if that wasn’t enough, we squeezed in the audacious Allstate Insurance stunt that featured a car dangling off the 17th floor of the landmark Marina Towers apartment building in Chicago, seemingly about to plummet to the ground below, accompanied by the tagline ‘Are you in good hands?’

This was followed by Samsung Safety Truck, Coke’s Small World Machines that epitomised Tuts ‘creativity without borders’ ethos before finishing on two monster award winning campaigns – ‘My blood is red and black’ and Airbnb Van Gough ‘The Bedroom’.

Thanks again @tutssel58 for giving your time and stories – judging by the response we’ve had for part 1, you have once again smashed it.

Shoutout again to Soho Radio, our new home for the podcast and to our brilliant sponsors Talon

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