BtB in 2023.

And who better to kick off the year and podcast #50 than David Kolbusz, CCO of Orchard New York. A man of many talents and looks. And a blast of fresh air to blow away the January blues.

We actually spoke before Christmas on a crisp winters day in New York. In fact it was Thanksgiving as we recall, so we’re hugely appreciative of DK’s time on such a big day Stateside.

The sun was out and through his bedroom window we could hear birdsong from Central Park and sirens from downtown Manhattan (it’s a very big window).

And most importantly of all, we heard the dulcet tones of DK talking us through his billboards and OOH work from both sides of The Pond.

Axe, The Guardian, Equinox Gyms, Coal Drops Yard. Every one of them iconic pieces of work with fantastic stories. Including a bit of background Wiggle Jiggle from the brilliant Ocean Spray campaign.

DK thanks so much. It was a total pleasure.

Thanks for waking up with us and talking billboards in your pyjamas.

A first for the show 🤣

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