Of all the end of year lists, this is obv the one you’ve been waiting for.

Yes, it’s Behind the Billboard’s Best of 2022.

And what a year it’s been.

So much great work to choose from.

Digital posters, traditional posters, fly posters, posters made from fruit juice, posters towed by horse drawn carriages, posters of cute cats and dogs, posters with 500 different executions in the campaign. Posters that had been put up wrong. Posters that came alive at night. And then there’s posters for yoghurt. Yes amazing ooh work for yoghurt! Surely that is this years headline!

But what was number one? Which billboard was most talked about? Which agency had the most entries? And how many mince pies did Hugh and Dan eat live on air?

As it’s the end of the year we also wanted to say a huge thanks to you our listeners for supporting us this year, liking us, saying nice things about us as well as spreading the word. We’ve been downloaded now over 30,000 times so we’re obv doing something right. But if you have any suggestions for the show or guests you’d like to hear from, please do let us know. 

And obv a huge hank to our sponsor Talon, without whom none of this would happen.

See you in January when we’ll be hearing from some amazing guests including David Kolbusz, Mark Tutssel and Dave Masterman.

Until then “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” – surely one of the best headlines of all time 😉

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