You wait for a D&AD black pencil winner for nearly 50 episodes…then two come along at once.

Shelley Smoler for The Zimbabwean last time and now Scott Silvey for Hopeline 19.

We talked about the work in depth and discovered how the campaign actually put Scott and the creative team Darren Beresford & Richard Gayton at the forefront of the pandemic, talking and listening to nurses and doctors trying to cope with Covid. A brilliant campaign that shone the spotlight on these amazing people who keep this country on its feet.

We also chatted about another recent award-winning project from Adam&EveDDB for CALM ‘The last photo’. An equally emotively charged subject from creative team Andy Clough and Richard McGrann, highlighting how ‘Suicide doesn’t always look suicidal’. The work comprised posters, press ads and most heart-breaking of all, an exhibition on the South Bank.

This campaign, like Hopeline 19, looks destined for gongs galore also. On the day we spoke it won big at Campaign BIG awards and we wouldn’t be surprised if it too got a black pencil. Obv it’s nice to get awards, but we agreed really the point of the work is to raise awareness and hopefully save lives.

And then along came Colman’s Mustard! We talked about how Scott designed a few billboards and ended up with his work appearing on the actual jars of mustard. Next time you’re in the cupboard looking at a jar of Colemans, chances are it’s got Scots work on it.

Towards the end we discussed 1830 and NSPCC. Huge pieces of work which Scott paid a massive part. Credit also to Ant & Mike (BtB episode #12) who work with Scott on many projects and all the incredibly talented peeps at Adam&EveDDB.

Thank you again Scott for being so kind and generous with the stories behind the work. It felt quite an emotional session but a very important one.

A multi-talented humble craftsman. It was a real pleasure.

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