‘How about Carl Lewis in his running gear, but instead of wearing spikes that normally propel him to 100m in 9.86 seconds, we put him in a pair of size 12 red stilettos with the headline ’Power is nothing without control’. Oh and let’s insist on getting legendary photographer Annie Liebvitz to shoot it. What do you reckon?’

This is why we love advertising. The dreamers. The moon shooters. The creatives who think nothing of putting the most famous athlete in the world in a pair of shiny red high heels.

And it’s why BtB love Ewan Paterson who in 1985 with then partner Graham Norways, created the seminal poster for Pirelli.

Lewis wasn’t even an ambassador for the brand at the time. He was an unsuspecting ten-time Olympian minding his own business until someone asked if he was up for it.

Thank you Carl, from all us spoddy billboard nerds, for saying yes.

In our eyes, it’s your greatest moment 🤓

Episode 42 features the charming, humble and passionate Ewan Paterson who told us the story behind this and many of his other billboards.

VW, Tfl, The Times, The Sunday Times Rich List, Robinson’s and more. It’s an incredible line-up of work which Ewan talked us through.

Thanks again Ewan for coming on and bring so generous with your stories. And a special thanks also to your strepsils, that kept your voice going til the very end. You’re a pro sir.

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