Podcast 41 features one of the industry’s greatest talents – Ed Morris.

Ed has flexed his creative muscles across just about every discipline you can think of.

Art direction, writing, typography, creative direction, photography, commercials direction and most recently turning his hand to film, directing his brilliant debut movie ‘How to stop a recurring dream’.

There’s no end to his talent. He even plays the ukulele. But thankfully he can’t do the Rubik’s cube 😉

We spent a wonderful hour hearing how these talents have helped shape his billboards, which have won at every major award show.

And every one of them is a cracker. From the beautifully judged b&w portraits for Tfl to the utterly joyful Red Stripe, the iconic Kew Gardens 96 sheet, the graphic Sta Prest and our favourite – Quality Street – which in Ed’s own words are ‘like stills from a film’.

Every campaign has utter simplicity at its heart, executed with fantastic craft.

And when Ed is the client the standard doesn’t drop – the poster for his movie is a belter – courtesy of another BtB guest Paul Belford (Episode 2).

Ed epitomises what creativity is all about. Passionate. Restless. Honest. Hard working. Collaborative. Always with a point of view. And always with a ton of energy.

Thanks for coming on Ed. We loved it.

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