Beady eyed followers will know we’ve already posted about our #CopySafari with Vikki Ross.

But today we’re pleased to say the podcast episode is available.

During the trek through the wilds of Shoreditch, there were a few technical problems which slowed down the editing process – we think the issue was extreme humidity in Dan’s trouser pocket.

But thankfully the recording has been rescued by intrepid IT pioneer Mr Jon Jones, who has not only salvaged the audio file, but edited it into a fully fledged episode.

And it’s quite a detour from our regular studio recording – proper front line stuff – real billboards in the real world with real punters walking past, occasionally glancing up and taking in the hard work of the creatives responsible.

Some campaigns really stuck out – Minor Figures is brilliant on many levels – ditto Spiritualised – and some cool shit from Calvin Klein x Palace.

‘Bring on the sun’ from Ace & Tate was perfectly timed and a neat follow on from the previous teaser campaign of people squinting their eyes in readiness for summer. Most apt as the sun warmed us.

Thanks again Vikki. A great experience. Essential for both creatives and clients alike to appreciate what it’s like out there.

Next stop The Wild West End?

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