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C’est ici!

Yes, podcast #44 is here and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before.

It was live in the South of France and despite a few technical glitches, it was tres bon.

A lovely hour at LBB beach chatting with our esteemed panel of Daniel Fisher, Keka Morelle and Sanjiv Mistry about all things OOH @ Cannes 2022.

Sanjiv was our man in the judging room, giving a real insight into this year’s winners, esp how and why the Adidas ‘Liquid Billboard’ swept the board. It’s a great story.

As well as discussing this year’s winners, we chatted about how to win at Cannes (Daniel tip: “Don’t try to win at Cannes”) and the panel nominated their fave Lion winning billboards and most memorable Cannes stories.

It was a brilliant experience. Thank you to everyone who’s supported us along the way.

Huge thanks of course to our sponsors Talon Outdoor without whom none of this would’ve happened. The T-shirts were epic, nicely modelled by BtB’s very own human billboard, Dan Dawson.

And of course thanks to the man behind the men behind the microphones, tech legend Jon Jones.

Special mention also to ‘Birdy’ aka Andy Bird Le Truc at Publicis (BtB ep22 and ep23) who was vocal in the audience offering his favourite Lion winner. He also came to lunch, wore our sponsors hat and laughed a lot.

We’re very much hoping to be podding and laughing in the sun again next year.

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