Is the sequel ever as good as the original? For Graham Fink Part 2, think Godfather Part 2 (but without all the killing).

More brilliant cigarette billboards. This time for Silk Cut and the iconic Shower Curtain and Birds executions.

Then Dixons….’the last place you want to go’ which started life on the radio but thankfully ended up on billboards, winning at every award show around the world.

Graham then literally gave blood for the (billboard) cause with the seminal ‘Blood’ poster (and film) for Playstation when he and Trevor Beattie formed advertising’s first ever SuperTeam at TBWA.

And then a move out of the comfort zone. All the way to Ogilvy Shanghai where Graham offered a regional Coke brief to a student who wasn’t working at O&M. Or even in the same country.

Enter Jonathan Mak who changed the face of ad history with his Coke ‘Hands’ poster – China’s first ever Cannes Grand Prix.

And we end on ELEPHant. A suitably audacious bonkers final act.

Graham, what can we say.

And just f***ing great to hear your stories.

You and your billboards did us proud.
Thanks so much again.

Secretly hoping there may be a Part 3 one day 🙂

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