Episode 39 features an icon of the industry, Graham Fink.

It feels a bit strange to think we got this far without talking to Graham who was D&AD’s youngest ever president and winner of China’s first ever Cannes Grand Prix.

But as you can imagine for someone who is now a multi-media artist, agent to Sophia the world’s first humanoid robot and finktank founder, his time is limited.

So we felt especially lucky to have him on to talk billboards.

And boy did we talk…so much so that we had to make it a 2 parter.

Part 1 is about his early career, how he got his first job at CDP dressing up as an old man and his iconic Benson & Hedges (B&H) billboards.

We covered wolves who refused to howl at a pack of fags, photographers who took 2 weeks to shoot an image and heard about the Fink family and what an amazingly talented bunch they are. Special mention for Dad @masterforger who like his son, is an accomplished artist…and a butler no less.

We also did ‘the yukka plant incident’ wonderfully acted out by Graham. And heard about a surreal interview with the legendary Paul Arden, which led to Graham’s tenure at Saatchi & Saatchi, where he produced the Shower Curtain Silk Cut billboard – all that to come in part 2.

Graham, it was amazing to hear the stories and feel your undying passion for great work. Thanks again for being so generous with your time.

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