Ep38 features Jo Arscott – a true creative pioneer, who mastered the art of the ’Integrated’ campaign long before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon and called it ‘360’.

Her billboard for the National Asthma Campaign in 1996 was a great example of this, being more like an event than a piece of OOH. Painted in clear glue, the poster was pure white when it went up at Vauxhall Roundabout for the press launch. When the journalists came back 14 days later; they were amazed. The pollution had stuck to the glue revealing the headline.

Hear the full story behind this ‘The world’s first ever glue poster’ and more of Jo’s creative work from her time at agencies all over the world.

We also talked about her work as a speaker on issues of diversity and education at D&AD, Cannes and The Design Council to name but a few.

And of course we heard about her Mum’s cat (cat’s are becoming a thing on this podcast).

Thanks Jo for coming on, it was a blast.

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