Writing copy about Vikki Ross – the Queen of Copy – is a daunting task.

Was that really a proper sentence? Could it have been a bit pithier? How about the grammar? Were those dashes really necessary? And how about the tone? Is this copy on brand? Is it Behind the Billboardy enough?

So many questions about so much copy.

Vikki has the answers.

Copy is her thang, having written many
brilliant words for many global brands for the past 24 years.

Sky, Sony Music, Expedia, Adidas and The Body Shop have all benefitted from the words of Ross.

But she doesn’t just write it. She teaches too – at the SCA, judges at international industry award competitions and mentors young female creatives.

And she has a huge online following for #copywritersunite and #copysafari.

That’s quite a lot.

And yet she still found time to come and chat to us.

Thanks so much Vikki. It was a real pleasure. And please let us know if this copy needs a massive rewrite 🤓

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