Dead cats, sharing a flat with Damien Hirst, painting your toenails purple in Cannes… just when you thought’d you’d heard it all, along comes podcast number 36 with Justin Tindall.

Amazing stories…some of which were actually about billboards 😉

Of course Justin is much more than dead moggys, friend of YBA’s and dodgy pedicures.

He is one of the world’s most awarded creatives and ECD’s – winning big at every show in the world during tenures at FCA!, DDB, Red Brick Road, Leo Burnett and M&C Saatchi.

This success can be put down to many things (working in a creative team with Adam Tucker for one), but his level of craft is astounding. Justin is up there with another obsessive we spoke to on episode 13, Alexander Taylor – rivalling her casting of 33 scissors for Silk Cut with his own exhaustive search for the perfect beans on toast for Harvey Nichols, shooting (with James Day) 30 different plates for the calendar campaign.

God and Justin are in the details.

Thanks again for coming mate. It was brilliant to see you again looking so fresh and ready for all that 2022 has in store for your exciting new agency Platform.

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