Episode #68 features two titans of the industry, huge characters with oodles of charm, awards and humility. Yep, we’re talking to ourselves, finding out what’s going on in each of our worlds.

We covered the following:

Watch advertising in Geneva Airport
Three dimensional screen mapping in Barcelona and New York
The delayed launch of Hugh’s novel
The billboards at the end of our streets
News of upcoming guests including Rachel Miles and the billboards hidden within her brilliant BBC Olympics promo
Digital ads on the subway
The 280ft billboard in the Oculus NYC
And of course Jeremy Allen White’s pants (which Dan spotted will soon be usurped by Idris Elba’s suit)

We do hope this isn’t the equivalent of The Fly episode from Breaking Bad. Or worse still the finale of Beef. We’re just two blokes trying our best. Normal service will resume next week.

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