Episode 7 features Rosie Arnold.

Employee number 11 at BBH, D&AD’s first ever female president, multi award-winner, part time fencer and general lover of life, Rosie has done it all.

Her favourite recent billboard campaign was this one for Budweiser.

And her first ever Billboard was for Levi’s… Spray on Jeans
We can’t find an image of it anywhere… sorry listeners! If you find one… send it in!

We discussed the Levi’s Incredible Shrinking Man billboards. Shot by the incredible @NadavKander

We heard how photographer Mary Ellen Mark, a millionairess and a colour photocopier helped create the iconic Levi’s ‘Haters’ posters. Read more about the incredible photographer Mary Ellen Mark.

Then a decade of Lynx billboard brilliance. We talked about the work for Lynx on 24hours, Masculine and Feminine, The Cerne Giant and The Lynx Effect in general.

On Lynx in particular, Rosie talks about how having good client relationships, outside of the meeting room, is conducive to creating great work. Meeting rooms can be far too high stress for the natural flow of a creative mind to affect the work. We talked about the unsung heroes of these and other campaigns that really stand out… the brave Marketing leads at the client who are prepared to get behind the work, stick their necks on the line and cut a cheque for the music/production/shoot. They believe in the work and the creative process as much as the agency.

Although we strayed away from Rosies work for a while, we talked a bit about what makes great Outdoor work. The simplicity of Outdoor is where some great creative work can happen. Rosie waxed lyrical about Cossette’s Cannes Grand Prix winning billboards for McDonalds, by friend of the show Carlos Moreno. The simplicity of this concept heroes the brand and the medium in one shot. We talked about some really cool work for KFC by Ogilvy, made by the Real Illusionist Surachai Puthikulangkura and his team [who have amassed over 90 Lions, including 32 Grand Prix].

We talked about the ‘Just Add Robinsons’ campaign for Robinsons fruit drinks. This iconic work flipped the just add water message on its head and demonstrated the magic that happens in a glass of water when you add Robinsons. The ads we contextual to the summer and outdoor feeling, including one for the Wimbledon Tennis Championship that Robinsons sponsors.

And then the big move from BBH to AMV. Following a life changing few years Rosie headed off to become Head of Art at AMV. Going off to work with Alex and Adrian as ECDs… which lead us on to a proactive piece for Malteasers.

Finally, she even shared with us a bottom drawer billboard idea for Red Nose Day. Redrawing it live on air – a first for the pod – maybe it’ll become a regular feature?

Thanks Rosie for being inspiring, fascinating, fun and more.

The world and our industry is a brighter place with you in it. You can follow Rosie on Twitter here.

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