Ever seen a billboard used as a music stage? Or a vodka ad invade a beer ad? Or John McEnroe of today play John McEnroe of 1979?

Podcast #57 features Alex Abrantes, who epitomises the belief that if you can think it, you can do it. And if you surround yourself with the right people even the most audacious ideas are possible.

We could have dedicated the entire show to the McEnroe vs McEnroe campaign alone:

  • The first ever Real vs Virtual Tennis Match.
  • 6 pieces of tech combined for the first time:
  • Motion capture, A.I. Learning, UNREAL ENGINE, a High-Resolution Mist + Industrial Robots…all on a custom-built Tennis Court.
  • 52 countries
  • $20m earned media
  • 3bn impressions.

Alex seems to revel in ‘never seen before moments’ which we previously talked about with Graham Fink on episodes #39 and #40.  Seemingly impossible stunts or uses of the outdoor never attempted before. And yet when it’s done – the latest for Budweiser using a billboard as a music stage for female artists snubbed by the Brits – it seems completely effortless, as if it was always going to happen.

We spent just over an hour hearing how he and his amazing team – including writer Chloe Bayhack – bring these ideas to life.

Thanks again Alex for your time and work. It was a pleasure having you on the show. 

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