Episode 5 of Behind the Billboard features a number of firsts. 

Our first creative team, our first BlueJeans powered remote interview and our first (but no means last) OOH work from McDonalds. 

Gary Fox-Robertson and Vince Cook talked to us about their McDonald’s “Sundial” poster – one of the most iconic and audacious billboards of all time.

We talked about them meeting on the set of a TV commercial shoot on a US Army base, having been thrown together to make it happen.

Their creative relationship blossomed and soon lead to some memorable billboard work for the Green Beret’s, America’s Special Forces. The campaign encouraged people to ‘Take a Brochure’ – with the brochure on the billboard seemingly impossible to get. That one had to be pitched to a 4 Star General for approval. This great campaign also gave the pair their first taste of Cannes glory.

This work for Billboards gave Vince and Gary a taste for the great outdoors, and soon led them to McDonalds sundial.

“At one point we had to call in a NASA scientist to ensure the poster and its sundial arm were precisely positioned to catch the sun every morning, offering an array of breakfast choices for passers by. The shadow’s progression span the morning menu and gave each item a literal moment in the sun. At noon, the dial forms a perfect McDonald’s M.” 

It was one of those rare moments, when a billboard made the national news and won Gold at every major award show around the world.

And finally we touched on Salads. Another epic billboard from the team who quickly became the OOH specialist ‘green beret’ team, parachuted in to billboard briefs!

And it’s now made it’s way into our podcast.

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