We’re back!

Series 4 is here and first up is Russell Ramsey, ECD of Pulse Creative and the brains behind some of the most famous OOH from the past 30 years.

Audi, Paddy Power, Toohey’s, Levi’s, Polo, Kit Kat, Kleenex, The Times – the list of clients that have benefited from Russell’s craft is long and impressive.

And yet he remains incredibly humble and hungry for more. The Times Queen’s Platinum Jubilee billboard was shortlisted at last night’s prestigious Campaign BIG awards.

Russ is man of many parts – consummate art director, CD, ECD, semi-professional gardener, professional Geordie, fashion guru “No one ever got anywhere wearing trainers Hughey” and owner of a lot of blue jumpers.

For a man who says ‘No’ a lot (but only in the pursuit of creative excellence) we were chuffed he said ‘Yes’ to coming into our billboard world for an hour or so and we revelled in his joy and passion for the great outdoors.

Thanks again Russ. You were immense.

Watch that bookshelf on the way out. 

NB: The final slide is when Russell defaced Hugh’s Man Utd book, replacing the word ‘Champions’ with the word ‘Wankers’, but in such a beautifully crafted manner Hugh didn’t notice for 2 years. 

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