How was it for you?

At Behind the Billboard we were genuinely surprised at the quality of this year’s output. And ended up conveniently🤔 with 21 pieces from 2021 worthy of discussion in our end of year pod.

The chat went fairly deep and crisp and even, aided by some chilled beers and delicious pigs in blanket flavoured crisps (cheers Jon).

We went on a bit like you do…and ended up with a two-parter. So if you’re needing a break over the festive period, you know where to come.

For those wanting to know our process of how we get to the list…there isn’t one. Well nothing you could actively call a process. We just ask our esteemed guests and listeners what caught their eye this year when they’ve been out n about. Or merely scrolling through Instagram. And then we chuck in some of our BtB favourites too.

We have a bit of everything – special builds, murals, projections, digital and of course classic 6, 48 and 96 sheets.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. It’s great to be back in the studio and chatting with the great and the good of the OOH community. Thanks again to Talon our sponsors, Jon for basically doing everything behind the scenes, Jordan for his continued good-looks and to all our brilliant guests. And most importantly thanks to you our listeners.

Have a great Christmas and stick with us in 2022 we have an amazing line-up.

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